Watch all 34 Interviews from the Mission of Joy Summit

    1. Why Should You Be Pursuing Joy? with Jill Simons

    1. Permission for the Process with Liv Harrison

    2. Joy vs. Happiness & Attainable Daily Joy with Liz Montigny

    3. A Powerful Prayer for Trust on the Path to Joy with Lindsay Schlegel

    4. How to Test Your Rest with Julia Hogan

    5. Grounding in Virtue & God's Promises with Rose Folsom

    6. Surrender Opens the Door to Joy with Kasia Culliver

    7. Heal & Rest with Jesus with Heather Khym

    8. Joy in the Midst of Mental & Physical Illness with Dr. Lisa Marino

    9. Embracing True Self Worth When You're Single with Clarissa Christensen

    10. Overcoming Resentment in Motherhood with Jenay Franco

    1. What is a Joy Missionary? with Jill Simons

    2. Managing Your Mind for Joy with Maria Spears

    3. Taking Responsibility for Your Joy with Tina Sullivan

    4. Finding Joy in Financial Stewardship with Tammy Hyska

    5. Missionary Beauty & Valuing Your Contribution with Kate Capato

    6. Childlike Joy on a Mission: Lessons from My Daughter with Jenifer Ramirez

    7. Finding Your Expression of the Feminine Genius with Rachel Wong

    8. Planting Your Gifts Locally with Rocio Hermes

    9. Intro to Charisms & Discerning Yours with Colleen Pressprich

    10. Joyfully Made: Embracing God's Design for Our Bodies Through NaPro with Dr. Monique Ruberu

    11. Much More than "Matter" - Racial Justice through a Christian Lens with Chenele Shaw

    12. Healing in Christ: Intro to Unbound Ministry with Deanna Bartalini

    1. Authentic, Joyful Motherhood with Kathryn Whitaker

    2. Answering Perfectionism with Joy with Clare McCullough

    3. Nurturing Meaningful Friendship with Krista Corbello

    4. Cultivating a Joyful Experience on Social Media with Sterling Jay

    5. Setting Your Boundaries to Protect Your Joy with Marcia Lane-McGee

    6. Nurturing a Joyful Body with Maria Escobedo

    7. Putting Up the Wall of Joy: Lessons from Long Term Caregiving + Grief with Mary Lenaburg

    8. Invitation to Joy with Christ in the Ordinary with Laura Roland

    9. Your Own Way to Minister with Chloe Langr

    10. Joy Through Eyes Set on Heaven with Katie Sciba

    11. Joyful Balance in Work & Life with Katie Prejean McGrady

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Unshakeable joy is possible.

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