Trust Comes from Intimacy

So often we act like trusting God is something we just need to grit our teeth and do better. In actuality trusting God is a lot like trusting a person - we need to know them well & and work through any issues to trust whole-heartedly. That's why we go back to the basics in this retreat to diagnose any issues before we move forward.

  • We get clear on who God is, who He is not, and what we think about God today

  • We identify issues we have with the person of God so we can come into awareness & healing

  • We look at our role in our relationship with God and why it's logical for us to trust Him

  • We diagnose where our view of ourself is not in alignment with what God says about us

  • We look to the past and present for where God has been faithful and how we can be open to His faithfulness in the future.

  • You leave with awareness of what God wants to heal in you and how to collaborate on building a trusting relationship with Him moving forward.

God wants to invite you into more...

and being able to accept the more He has for you all starts with trust. Start growing in trust today with immediate access to the entire retreat.


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    1. Welcome to our Retreat

    2. Why Does This Retreat Exist?

    3. Download Your Retreat Workbook

    1. Who Is God?

    2. Your Images of God

    3. Should You Trust Him?

    1. Our Identity as Daughters

    2. How Do You Identify Yourself Right Now?

    3. Renouncing Lies about our Identity + Embracing the Truth

    1. Opportunities for Trust

    2. When Has God Shown Up for Me and When Could I Let Him?

    3. Your Memory Stones Journal

    4. Next Steps in Trust

    1. Further into Trust - My Favorite Book + Podcasts

    2. The Uprising Academy Resource Library

    3. Special Offers for Trust Retreat Attendees


  • 16 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
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  • My Memory Stones: A Journal of Your Personal Stories of God's Faithfulness Digital Download

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    This book was inspired by numerous incidents throughout the Old Testament when God encourages the children of Israel to use stones to mark places where God moves in power and faithfulness. It will help you carry your work in this retreat into your daily life in the future.

  • Access to the Uprising Academy Vault

    $139 value

    The Uprising Academy Vault includes access to the School of Uprising program, guides to memorizing targeted verse for for 12 of the biggest lies we see our students struggling with, a huge library of phone lock screens, and much, much more. Your access window will match your retreat access - 30 days or ongoing.

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here's what students are saying about the trust retreat:

“I’m loving the retreat! I suggested it to the person in charge of family faith formation at my church. So many womens groups could benefit. I wish there was a “man’s” version as well! ”

Meredith S

“I'm blown away!! Taking so much to prayer. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this!”

Sarah S